Chicago surprises me in various ways and conforms to stereotype in others. The sound of a city with taxi drivers incessantly beeping their horns and of police sirens blaring in the background proves to be more than a Hollywood cliché. Looking out from my hotel window onto a race track on the roof of the neighbouring building also seems to confirm a few clichés. It had been storm weather and the wind funnels down the gulleys formed in the streets between the skyscrapers. Conversely, I do find myself impressed when the skyscrapers pierce from the horizon as I’m travelling along the freeway. Walking around the Magnificent Mile and the Loop, I observe that the transition from the art deco skyscrapers through to modernism and contemporary is an evolution here rather than the rupture it emerges as in London. Building like the Trump Tower sit reasonably well alongside the John Hancock Center, the Mather Tower and the Carbide and Carbon Building.